Hello Everybody!
Posted in: Thai Language, Website on August 20, 2010

“Sawat Dii” = Hello
Welcome to my site. I’ll be posting at least once a week about Thai language and culture. I hope you enjoy. If you are looking to learn Thai language online by Skype, take a look at the Lessons page, or you can contact me through the Contact page.

Khruu Ladawan

4 Responses to Hello Everybody!

  1. StudentForJoy says:

    The website looks great! Good luck with everything, I really enjoyed learning with you.

  2. TiKKiE says:

    She’s a good friend and good teacher…i <3 u

  3. Fabienne Vitiello says:

    Ladawan is a this kind of teacher that you expect to get during the tedious process of learning the intimidating thai ; she brings the all process into lively moment by pushing you to articulate full sentences like you are already unleashed by yourself in Bangkok.
    Her great personality makes the all process delightful and I swallow the difficulty without any boredom. I have tried several online courses but nothing can replace a real live conversation with a native thai teacher, I was able during my short stay in Thailand, to express myself a little. So if you are looking for a teacher, Ladawan is definitely the one… Thanks Kruu Ladawan…
    Fabienne (Paris, France)

  4. jum says:



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