จังเลย (jang-leey) = So / Very
Posted in: Thai Language on December 6, 2011

น้ำลดแล้ว ดีใจจังเลย (naam lot laew, dee-jai jang-leey) = Flooding is gone, I’m so happy.

จังเลย (jang-leey) = So / Very
We say this word after adjective or adverb or sometimes after verb when the situation is happening, we don’t use it in the past or future, also please don’t forget we don’t use this word for replying to any kinds of sentences, we say it from our feelings and don’t need any replies from others as well.

If somebody ask you:
ภาษาไทยสนุกไหม (pasaatai sanuk mai?) = Is Thai language fun?
If you want to reply that Thai language is so fun then you should say:
ภาษาไทยสนุกมาก (pasaatai sanuk maak) = Thai language is very fun.
You should not reply:
ภาษาไทยสนุกจังเลย (pasaatai sanuk jang-leey) = Thai language is so/very fun.
- because this word จังเลย is not for replying to any questions or sentences!!!!

So when to use จังเลย (jang-leey) = So / Very
I’m walking with my friends on the street and I feel it’s so hot today, then I say:
วันนี้ร้อนจังเลย (wannii ron jang-leey) = It’s so hot today

I miss my mom and when I meet her, I just say to her:
คิดถึงแม่จังเลย (kit-teung mae jang-leey) = I miss you so much, mom.

The flooding situation is getting better and I’m happy with that (because I can go outside now :D ) and I’m not replying to anybody, I just want to say:
ดีใจจังเลย (dee-jai jang-leey) = I’m so happy. / I’m so glad.

Thank you for reading :) )

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