Sure that…../ Not sure that…..
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sawatdii ka nak-rian :D

Today we will review the use of:
A: “nae-jai waa” = Sure that…….
1. pom nae-jai waa wannii fon ja mai dtok.
(I am sure that today rain will not fall)
2. kao nae-jai waa mae kao bpuuay dtae mai bork kao.
(She is sure that her mom sick but did not tell her)
3. kun nae-jai mai? waa kao ja maa!
(You sure or not? that she will come!)
4. chan nae-jai waa kao ja maa.
(I am sure that she will come.)
B: “mai nae-jai waa” = Not sure that…..
(Thing that you say after “mai nae-jai waa” should have the *question word?* in that sentence even though it is not a question sentence but you have to use the *question word?*)
1. pom mai nae-jai waa kao yaai bpai tii-nai?
(I am not sure that he moved to where?)
2. chan mai nae-jai waa chan ja tam daai mai?
(I am not sure that I will be able to do it or not?)
3. mor mai nae-jai waa kao dtong gin yaa naan-taorai?
(Doctor not sure that he has to take medicine for how long?)
4. chan mai nae-jai waa tammai?
(I am not sure why?)
kruu nae-jai waa nak-rian tukkon chorp
rian paasaathai makmaak :D
fan dii ka!!
kruu joy :)

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