Thai lessons
Speaking & Listening:
Learn pronunciation and practical conversation. This course has 4 levels and each level contains 20 lessons.

Reading & Writing:
This course has 2 levels and each level contains 18 lessons.

Advanced Thai:
In the Advanced course we can offer you four subjects as follows:
-Thai culture
-Bible in Thai
-Health in Thai
-News in Thai
Each subject contains 20 lessons.
(15 US dollars per hour)

Tourist lessons
This lesson is very useful for those are interested traveling to Thailand for the first time.
Only a few lessons learning some Thai customs, useful travel knowledge and basic words with me, would make your trip in Thailand easier and fun.
(15 US dollars per hour)

Please visit these links of me doing Trial lessons:

Classes are offered to suit your schedule and needs.
I am available from Monday until Sunday (Thailand time):
- in the morning from 08.00-12.00
- in the afternoon from 13.00-22.00

* We accept the payment (tuition fee) by Paypal only.