I am not talented at all when it comes to studying Thai language. But due to Ladawan’s competence in teaching I slowly and steadily developed a level of speaking and writing Thai that makes me want to practice my Thai whenever I meet Thai people during my trips in Europe and the Pacific. Ladawan not only teaches the language, she skillfully and gracefully opens new windows to see treasures and aesthetics of Thai culture and people. It is indeed a privilege and honor to learn Thai with Ladawan.
Gerhard –

I have been taking lessons now with Ladawan for a few months and am completely satisfied. Not being the fastest learner in the world, and more than a little busy with my job here in Saudi Arabia, I appreciate Ladawan’s patience working with me. I use the resources on this website along with her kind help to move closer to a basic ability to speak in Thai. Thanks a lot, Ladawayn. I’m looking forward to our next lesson.
Jeffery –

I started taking lessons with Ladawan about 2 months ago. I originally planned on 2 hours per week, but after my first two lessons I was so pleased that I doubled it to 4 hours per week whenever possible. She is an excellent teacher, and she speaks English with such fluency it is easy for me to understand her explanations. I am as interested in learning to read, and ultimately write the language as I am in speaking it, so she writes everything covered during the lesson, in Thai script at my request, in the Skype text window. After the lesson I save this text for use in practice and revision.

She has been willing to answer my questions by email, and always provides a very clear explanation. She is enthusiastic about her work, friendly and has a great sense of humor. I enjoy every minute of lesson time, and have learned more than I ever expected. I can recommend her without reservation to anyone serious about learning Thai.
Roberta –

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